Friday, June 13, 2014

Enjoy Essential

Have you heard of Enjoy Essential? If not, you need to check out their site because they have so many great items. And even better, they support small businesses! More about them:

"All of the items you will find on Enjoy Essential are made in the USA. We are 100% in support of small businesses, and many of the contributing artists and designers create their pieces in the comfort of their own home. That is what makes each item so special! We would rather bring you items that were inspired by someone's home than something we bought wholesale, which is why we are simply a storefront for each of these independent shops. We curate and create a cohesive collection and atmosphere and another opportunity for their work to be showcased. With each purchase, the item will come directly from that shop, without commission or markups. It's a wonderful way to connect and bring opportunities to support small businesses."

They have items for both you and your kiddo. It was hard for me to pick favorites, but I narrowed it down to these. You really need to check out their full list of items on their website, though!

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