Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: What Sophia Wore

We had a weird cold front come through last week, so we were very happy to have our nice weather back today! We started our morning off with our 4 mile walk (this girl loves sitting in her stroller for walks!) and then did some shopping at Sam's Club. She's in a big mommy's helper stage right now, so she was kind enough to carry in the bananas for me.

When I asked her to help me put the lemonade away she ran over and sat on them. Big help, Soph! She did help me put them in the fridge when I opened it, though.

Then we switched to her play shoes and went outside to play in the yard with Max.

Shirt: Circo / Jeans: Genuine Kids by Osh Kosh / Shoes: Chatties on Zulily and Ministar

I'm linking up again with Kelly at Modern Camelot for Trendy Tot Tuesday!  

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