Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: What Sophia Wore

My hubs had to ride up to Chicago for work yesterday and at first I had hoped we could go along with him and spend the day in the city, but his employer bought them train tickets so he wouldn't be driving. I still wanted to have a fun day with my fave girl, so we went over to a city about 45 minutes away.

Our first stop was Target. I was trying on sunglasses and Sophia kept grabbing for them, so I let her try them on. At first they kept sliding down, since they're obviously huge for her, so I told her to keep her head up and she figured it out. So funny!

Then over to the mall for some shopping!

She does so good sitting patiently in her stroller, but sure got excited when she saw the play area. So we stopped and played for a bit.

After a little more shopping, it was time for lunch. I'm not gonna lie, the main reason I wanted to come here is because last year they opened up a Five Guys and I've been wanting an excuse to go there. Sooo good!

Our last stop was Kohl's.

If you can't tell, she was starting to get cranky so I hurried through and thankfully she napped the whole way home. We came home with lots of good loot, though! 

We had to go try out her first pair of flip flops, so we went over to the park. They're still a little big, but they sure are adorable on her!

Romper: Carter's / Sandals: Chatties on Zulily / Flip Flops: Old Navy

I'm linking up again with Kelly at Modern Camelot for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

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