Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Etsy} Mothers Day

A post for the mommies of these cute little tots!

Is your Significant Other good at picking out gifts for you; or do they need a little help, like my hubby? He has a hard time coming up with gift ideas and, lets face it, sometimes we want exactly what we want! So if he's wanting an idea from you and you don't have your heart set on anything, how about some mothers jewelry? If you don't have any yet, these would make the perfect gifts for Mothers Day.

I got this necklace for Christmas the year Sophia was born. It has her name, mom, and each of our birthstones. I absolutely love it!

If I didn't have anything yet, these would be my favorites I would be debating between. Although, I'm thinking I might need to add to my collection!

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