Saturday, March 8, 2014

Garage Sale

Along with finding great store sales, I love going to local garage sales. I have found some really cute, looks brand new and very cheap outfits for Sophia at garage sales. This morning I went with my mom and sister-in-law to our first garage sale of the year. It was actually a big indoor sale put together by a local mom group. They have them twice a year, but this was our first time attending it.

Overall it was just okay. I saw several items with stains and a few items that were priced a little high for a garage sale. But I did find several things for Sophia. I got all of this for just $17.50!

 3 dresses: Ralph Lauren, koala kids, and The Children's Place

 3 shirts from Old Navy

2 long sleeve shirts from Circo and Falls Creek, hoodie from Circo

So, not bad! Now it has me in the mood for hitting up more local sales. We just need this weather to warm up so garage sale season can really get started!

Do you enjoy garage saling?

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